color woaks in the park.

Oil on canvas 60X60cm' route waterlands with a seagull

Oil in canvas, 90X70 cm'

Oil on canvas 110X70 cm' All rights resrved

Oil on canvas, 90X60cm'

Oil on glass (found object) 25 cm' diameter skies and water color walks in the swamp route All rights reserved

“marshes routes”




The ‘marshes route’ is a body of works that depicts intimate segments of the marshes in Herzliya (Town where I live) There is a Park where I walk daily, and to which I am connected. Mainly because it is the remnant of what was once nature in the region and in Israel in general. The green lungs are being lost on behalf of large houses. Real estate and the roads are all well covered with concrete and cement.

Also, it is rare to find a park that is left in its natural form. The park has no spectacular beauty but simplicity and intimacy. On the other hand, these swamps. (Or winter puddles as we like to define them on signs). Are filled with water during the winter and in the summer they remain just dry grass and shrubs, Only some of them remain filled with water throughout the summer.


. As far as I'm concerned, the swamp is correlated with the atmosphere of corruption, and the political situation, occupation of the West Bank and problems with social economics. especially in the central region where the great events take place. Herzliya, which is a suburb or a sleeping city, is close to Tel Aviv, It contains class gaps, which can actually reflect the atmosphere in the rest of the country.


By Mickey  Harel

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25.09 | 20:12

Thank you Nahoum I know what you like best and it is all right with me. But I keep on changing with the themes and atmosphere of events.

27.07 | 13:23

Painting is brilliant. I respect you attitude. I prefer the cover of you poetry book. Subtle.

22.06 | 00:29

תודה עיינה. יש עוד רישומים רבים שאינם בקבוצה הזו אבל באותו נושא ובאותה הרוח...

21.06 | 18:50

יפה פה, מחכה לראות המשך הקו, עיינה

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